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How does CareerBuddy work?

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    Create profile

    Take five minutes to tell us who you are and where you're headed in your career.

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    Get vetted

    We'll review your profile and make sure you're a good fit for employers hiring with CareerBuddy. We may also invite you to complete some assessments and an interview if necessary.

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    Get Connected to Opportunities

    We connect you with Founders and Heads of Talent of venture-backed startups hiring on our platform. We will only share relevant opportunities.

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    Land Your Next Job

    No more wasting time sending hundreds of applications on all job boards. One application on CareerBuddy and you land your dream job.

How is CareerBuddy Different?

CareerBuddy is a curated talent matching platform, as opposed to an agency or a job board. Here are some key differences:

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We connect top talent with the hottest startups and high growth companies in Africa

  • Reasons companies love us

    • Relevant, role-matching profiles only
    • Pre-vetted candidates
    • Effortless, hassle-free hiring
    • Communication with candidates
  • We help candidates succeed

    • Relevant, profile-matching roles only
    • Financial & company details upfront
    • Absolute confidentiality
    • Form integrations

What you get with Career Buddy

  • Job boards SPAM you with irrelevant job recommendations clogging your inbox and completely lacks a human touch.
  • Recruiters “ghost” you once you have sent them your profile for a job posting. You never know if you got the job or not. Even after an interview. 

CareerBuddy is your friendly companion supporting you through your career journey. We exist to help you find work that is meaningful, challenging, and offers growth opportunities.

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