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Terragon is Africa’s fastest-growing enterprise marketing technology company. It aggregates and enriches difficult-to-source consumer data, generating measurable outcomes for telco’s, banks, and larger brands. Terragon uses its on-demand marketing cloud platform, attribution software, and deep analytics capability to enable thoughtful, targeted omni-channel access to 100m+ mobile-first African consumers. Terragon's goal is to use data and technology to simplify the process of connecting brands to African consumers through innovation on the mobile device. Currently expanding its operations with offices in Ghana, Kenya, India and South Africa, Terragon is poised to become... Read More

Chief People Officer

Role Description 

HR has gone way past the era of rank and file, hire and fire and administration. HR now has a seat at the big table and is expected to lead in the area of strategy and people management by adapting to the organizational culture and providing ingenious and innovative solutions from within through hybrid formulas from the outside. 

At Terragon, HR is referred to as Talent Management. This job will require you to, roll up your sleeves, always have your thinking cap and light bulb switch on, be less reactive and more proactive. 

If you cannot condone the average millennial behavioural trait and interactive style, here is a good place to close this document. That is because Terragon has a 98% millennial workforce. If you have managed a mix of generations, you may find this interesting and will have close enough solutions to lead as the Chief Talent Officer. 

This is an opportunity to lead in a company that has experienced YoY growth in revenues, market expansion and people acquisition, provide leadership and ensure effectiveness in the provision of customer focused support services in Talent & Office Resource Management. Oversee the attraction, development and retention of required human resources, in order to achieve Terragon’s strategic objectives through the implementation of a well-articulated Human Resources strategy, and in compliance with local regulations.


  • Design HR strategy in alignment with Terragon’s Strategy; Ensure measurable indicators to ascertain the value of HR role in strategy implementation and achievement 
  • Provide an atmosphere that promotes talent development and growth; Optimize ROI on employee acquisition and retention
  • Design and deliver programs that ensure synergy across all business functions and alignment with corporate objectives 
  • Design enterprise/organizational business objectives annually from the corporate strategy. 
  • Oversee the Development of an effective manpower planning process in alignment with Terragon Holding’s corporate strategy.
  • Identify recruitment needs based on manpower plan, design effective programs for selection and retention, and oversee recruitment and selection processes within Terragon. 
  • Create and maintain the employee value proposition and employer brand 
  • Continually provide innovative ways to project the image of Terragon Holdings as an employer of choice via all media with a special focus on social media 
  • Develop and implement the Learning and Development Strategy of the Organization in line with business objectives 
  • Drive the deployment of annual Employee Engagement Survey, and develop action plans from responses to improve overall employee engagement and business performance. 
  • Design and implement leadership framework and Management development programs to ensure future leadership pipeline for Terragon Holdings 
  • Facilitate and monitor employee performance management system and cycle, and ensure attainment of high-performance culture within Terragon  
  • Review and maintain organizational structure to ensure alignment with business objectives 
  • Develop, review and implement onboarding and integration/induction process of new employees 
  • Design appropriate channels for employee communication and review impact for continuous improvement 
  • Design and implement employee retention programs in order to lower turnover rate and maintain optimal headcount as per manpower plan 


  • Experience shaping and leading people strategy in a tech environment 
  • Experience managing people operations and strategy for organisations with a high millennial workforce 
  • Minimum of 7 years’ experience in an HR Generalist Role, 3 of which in a leadership capacity 
  • Strong track record in innovating people management processes in a high growth environment 
  • Experience shaping and leading strong high-performance culture


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