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We offer complete transparency by providing job and company information upfront. We know how tough job search is; we exist to make it easier for you.

  • Teju buycoins
    Teju Adeyinka
    Head of Growth - BuyCoins

    Careerbuddy supported me in every step of the hiring process and even helped me get favorable working terms with my employers.

  • Tolu aigbiniode
    Tolu Aigbiniode

    Careerbuddy didn't just place me with Softcom but did regular check-ins and followed up. The way they worked and engaged with me was outstanding.

  • 1593054713768
    Dami Sonoiki
    Head of Product

    CareerBuddy made my recruitment experience smooth. They demonstrated a high level of industry knowledge and professionalism throughout my engagement with them. 

  • Jordan belonwu
    Jordan Belonwu
    Brand Designer - Bamboo

    Careerbuddy understood my expectations in a company and got me the perfect match, Bamboo. I’m glad to be part of the founding team at Bamboo and excited at the prospect of building a unicorn.

Let Work Find You

Let us make it easy for you to find your dream job with Africa's next unicorn. Join our talent network and let's put you in front of hiring managers or decision-makers.

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Hire top talents without the hassle.

Stop reviewing 200 CVs for one role. High-growth companies across Africa are using CareerBuddy to accelerate their hiring process. Tap into our pool of vetted candidates to grow your tech, sales, or business teams.

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We are infusing the power of AI into your recruiting process to make it easy for you to identify and screen top passive candidates fast!

  • We re hiring
    Get in touch with your hiring needs
  • Searching
    Our recruiting teams source top people for you
  • Coding
    We screen & test every candidate
  • Winner
    You Hire Your Next Top Performer

What Our Clients Are Saying

Don't take our word for it. See what leaders of high-growth startups are saying about us.

  • "CareerBuddy is the best-kept secret in the world of startup recruiting without a doubt. We can’t recommend them enough. We have tried a lot of recruiting partners even "high profile" ones but with little or no success. CareerBuddy makes recruitment look easy. They understand our business like no organisation we work with and they continue to help us with some of our most critical roles".

    Anu Adasolum, COO - Rensource Energy
  • "I think CareerBuddy is the only recruitment company I have worked with that understands startup hiring and I have worked with many. You take fast action, understand the uncertainty, need for nimbleness, and working in iterations throughout the whole process. You are mentally present, and almost always help me clarify the implicit needs I haven’t even identified. The best part has always been the quality of people on the other side of the process".

    Richmond Bassey, Co-Founder/CEO - Bamboo Invest
  • I’ve worked with various recruiters and what stands out with CareerBuddy is their understanding of millennials and how to reach them- I like this the most about them. Their approach to understanding the roles has made things easier and reduced the time to hire for me. I think they have a great network of talent because they always get really good people (and this is not easy to find).

    Ijeoma Oyeyinka, Head Human Resources - Helium Health

Top companies work with us

  • 25,000+ prescreened quality candidates.
  • Over 65% of our clients recommend us to friends.
  • Our partners are closing difficult to fill roles 4x faster.

So, what does it cost?

When it comes to hiring for your startup, never compromise. CareerBuddy finds and engages the best people for your team.

Book a consultation to see why our clients win.

  • Basic Listing

    Perfect for junior/entry-level roles.
    • We promote your job on our website, newsletter, and social channels.
    • We share relevant profiles with you.
    • Get your job in front of 25,000+ professionals looking for their next move.
    • No Contract
  • Success Fee Plan

    Great for tracking down those harder-to-find candidates.
    • Receive 4-6 quality profiles in 7 days
    • Comes with a 3 month guarantee period.
    • You don’t pay until after the first working day of your new hire.
    • Our team of over a hundred recruiters gets to work on your role.

Recruiters, start earning money by submitting qualified candidates.

If you are already a great recruiter, and you have some time on your hands, here’s an opportunity for you to earn more. We find you clients and roles; you submit great candidates and earn.

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  • Control How You Earn

    You determine what roles you want to work on and how often you want to work. We guarantee you will always get roles to work on.

  • Generous Commissions

    You get paid every time a candidate you source gets hired by any of our clients.

Find your next great opportunity!

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